A family owned business built on the belief of satisfying customer needs has been the foundation to our success. Today we are still working under the same philosophy and proud of the long term relationships we have developed with our customers after 39 years.


Our facility is over 20,000 sq. ft. and EPM Corporation has become an innovative leader in the interface solution industry. EPM has always believed that it was necessary to have the required technology in place prior to expanding its product range. Investment began six years ago to allow us the resources and understanding of the membrane switch/interface solution industry. Combined with the acquisition of an experienced printing facility, this preplanning has allowed EPM to provide solutions to many unique opportunities.


Though we still support our traditional product identification segment of labels and decals our growth and investment is in the area of interface solutions, domed labeling and high end graphic overlay. In association with the development of our production technologies EPM has strengthened its infrastructures to ensure that our customers are provided the information and follow-up they expect. Dedicated individuals work in specific areas to ensure we can provide efficient and accurate responses to their inquiries.


EPM prides itself for being able to provide cost efficient solutions to unique and difficult requirements. Supported by an ownership that demands creativity to problem solving at all levels, our design group believes that upfront design and engineering are the key to successful and cost efficient production. We also work with individuals and companies with specialized expertise to ensure our design capabilities. EPM performs 100% of its production elements in-house, thus allowing us to control all aspects of the production process.


Quality is the key to long term success in all production facilities. At EPM every member of the EPM staff is trained to understand and execute on-line process quality. Quality procedures are developed based on the demand of the project. Each job is issued specific quality procedures that are performed at various stages to ensure process quality and eliminate costly value added waste. In follow up to the on-line quality initiative all product is exposed to final quality inspection and testing. Every part going through our facility receives this inspection.


The combination of our quality process and technical capabilities provide the efficiencies to deliver the product you expect.


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